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12 Dec


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How to hire a good designer?

December 12, 2016 | By | No Comments


In the past few years the amount of start ups increased dramatically. More and more people go on freelance websites to find a perfect designer for them to create a logo / video / website. But what does one look for in a designer? A good portfolio? An ability to communicate without a barrier? A good list of previous clients the designer had? No, most people just look to get the cheapest price out there, but then end up with a poor quality design. And that is a huge mistake.

Here’s a few things you as a client should look into before hiring a designer:

  1. Designer’s works. The first and most important thing. What’s the point of hiring a freelancer with ugly designs?
  2.  Language barrier. If the freelancer is from another country there might be a language barrier and you need to make sure you can communicate with him or her freely. I say that because I know a lot of people who ordered something (design, code) from overseas and then had a lot of headaches trying to explain what they want and had to change the outcome a lot of times because the task was misunderstood. Best to have at least 1 phone call or skype call to make sure there’s no language barrier.
  3.  Designer’s rates. If the rates are too low, think twice- is the designer going to deliver a good outcome by working for lower than a minimum wage? Most likely not, and you will be disappointed with the outcome.
  4. Background check. If the designer worked with serious companies you can be sure that he is not going to disappear with your money, because no serious designer wants to risk the reputation for money.

Of course you can ignore all of the suggestions, but do it at your own risk as you might have to pay twice in the end.

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